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Science Augmented!Explore AR

Pixel Profundo proudly presents the Science Augmented! - Explore AR an augmented reality application that introduces important information about species in Central Texas. Download the Explore AR app from either the GooglePlay or the Apple App Store and you'll be face-to-face with a 3-dimensional Mexican Free-tailed Bat, a Blind Salamander, or a Golden Cheek Warbler and other important species of central Texas.

Instructions: Science Augmented! Explore AR

This is a Free Demo download, or Print-to-Play version, for the Explore AR App

  • Download the Explore AR App – Visit the AppStore and download the Science Augmented! Explore AR application to your iPhone, iPad or other devices. Print this image.

Link to App for Android Devices

 Link to App for Apple Devices

  • Download the Print-to-Play Demo Image – Now that you have accessed this digital download page, print the bottom image and open the App!
  • Open Explore AR App – Open the App on your device and give the App permission to use the camera on the device. Point the device camera at the image below and seeing a Mexican Free-Tailed Bat in 3-dimensions. Enjoy learning more about this important endangered species and follow the information links inside the App Explore more with AR!

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Science Augmented!
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